Home Visits


Being sent to a cattery can be very traumatic for some cats – new smells, unfamiliar surrounds and the sounds of other strange cats can make their stay stressful. All in all cats would be far happier being looked after in their own home.I can visit your cat once, twice even three times a day to make sure they are fed, watered, played with, groomed. medical administration if required, cleaning of litter tray, food area and utensils. Not only are the visits timed to ensure your cat gets enough cuddles but also it costs far less than putting them in a cattery. The service also includes moving your post, curtains and generally making it look like someone is about. I can put your wheelie bin out on collection day and water plants too.

Kitten Sitting


New kittens need reassurance, attention, cuddles and playtime. They also shouldn’t be left alone for too long. If you have to pop out for an afternoon or have an overnight stay booked, I can visit your kitten to make sure he/she is happy, well-fed, watered and played with.